Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great day at the Dr. All numbers are good and he dropped my steroids down to 20 mg. getting there slowly. But the big news is I don't go back to see him until Monday. That's a whole week. no more Monday Thursday appointments. Really big deal as I am only at day 87 and they gave me back salads, too.
Hope you have a great weeek

Friday, January 8, 2010


Hi All
Yesterday was Dr day and all is great. Rash was gone by New Years. The Dr. is taking me back off of so much steroid. They have given me back most food but not raw vegetables (salad) maybe next week. The big news is I am allowed to go out!!!! Not into big groups but to the store, friends houses and I can even go out to eat as long as it is not fast food or deli food. So after almost 80 days we stopped on the way home from City of Hope and had a steak at Wood Ranch. It was so much fun to just be out. Hope everyone is having as good a new year as I am.
Love to all