Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Cells are In

Happy Halloween
The Good new is that my mom is finally in the hospital. After all the date changes and the donor changes we are finally there. The second good news is that she got her new t-cells on Friday (October 23). So today is day 1. Good news all around and she is doing as well as one can when they are saving your life by bring you as close to death as they can without actually getting there. So lots of icky side effects, but she is handling it all very gracefully and with dignity.
James and I skype her every night. The above picture was taken via skype. For those that have no idea what I am talking about. Skype is communication system used on your computer with web cam to talk and see each other. This way she can visit with her grandchildren.(Due to the concern over the swine flu ect... the hospital has changed the visitor age limit to only those over 18 years old.) We bug her every night whether she likes it or not. The kids love to see her and have fun making faces at her. It seems good for all of us. We that is all for now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Helford Hospital Finally

We are finally there. My mom (Pat Patton) has start her Chemo for the transplant. She start on Thursday and will get Chemo very day until Tuesday and then they will admit her. She will be admitted on Tuesday and get settled and then they start the major doses of Chemo and other medications to prepare her to receive the transplant. Then she will get her new T-cells. The day she gets her T-cells is day 0, then we count up for there until day 100. Then we celebrate her home coming.

She will be at Helford Hospital at City of Hope. She will be there through most of the major Holidays. She is allowed visitors and would love to have them. There are guidelines there to protect the patients. Please visit the link post to the right side under visitation guidelines.
She did get more good news the results of the biopsy showed that the cancer in her bones has dropped to 10% down for 90%. Yeah!!!!! So we are starting off very good.
Will write more later thank you all.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Biopsy

So my mother is an easy drunk. She had her biopsy today and it went as well as it can with out being put under. They gave her lots of medication, it did not get rid of the pain, but made it so she did not care she was in pain, it worked okay. She is a funny drunk person. I found out today that the dates I had are wrong, some would say I heard it wrong, others would say I was told wrong, However you look at it they are wrong, So here are the new dates: She starts her transplant chemo on Friday October 16 and has it Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and then put into the hospital on Tuesday October 20th.
However we have a meeting with the doctor tomorrow, so all this can change again. Will update again soon.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

So Close yet so Far

Well we are at it again. My mother's numbers are where they are suppose to be and the last time we check we still had a donor. So off we go again to try and get her new bone marrow cells. So the new dates are Tomorrow Monday the 12th she will have a bone marrow bi-opsy again. However due to time issues, she can not be put under so Owe. Then Tuesday we try again to have the Family meeting. If everything goes right, she will start the chemo on October 19th and go into the hospital on October 26th. Then for my mom the hard part starts, growing new bone marrow.

We are close now to having her cured, we just need to get her into the hospital, but we are closer now then we have been before so that is good.

Please remember that these dates can and will change with out notice. Thank you all for your continued support and love.