Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Cells are In

Happy Halloween
The Good new is that my mom is finally in the hospital. After all the date changes and the donor changes we are finally there. The second good news is that she got her new t-cells on Friday (October 23). So today is day 1. Good news all around and she is doing as well as one can when they are saving your life by bring you as close to death as they can without actually getting there. So lots of icky side effects, but she is handling it all very gracefully and with dignity.
James and I skype her every night. The above picture was taken via skype. For those that have no idea what I am talking about. Skype is communication system used on your computer with web cam to talk and see each other. This way she can visit with her grandchildren.(Due to the concern over the swine flu ect... the hospital has changed the visitor age limit to only those over 18 years old.) We bug her every night whether she likes it or not. The kids love to see her and have fun making faces at her. It seems good for all of us. We that is all for now.

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