Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Eight and counting

So things are going okay in the hospital. They are suppose to shave her head tomorrow (Monday November 2). She is on course for her treatment, and reacting with all the side effects on schedule. However reacting to the side effects sucks big time. Lets just say she is on a morphine drip and at times is extremely fuzzy. So cards and notes are greatly welcomed. Please remember no flowers or balloons they are not allowed in the hospital.

We are waiting for her T-cells to starting producing and that should be sometime in the coming week. As we wait for the cells to start to grow we also are concerned for the host vs graft issues, she is having some problems with her kidney function, so has not been able to receive as much of the anti-rejection medication as the doctor would like. It has been a weird balancing game of give her the medication having her kidneys react, then flushing her kidneys out then having them come back, and then getting the medication again.
The doctors and the nurses are very nice and have been a big help with getting information and treating my mom well. For a while my mom need a 24 hour nurse in her room because she was a big risk for falling. They did not want her getting out of bed by her self and she could not be trusted to not get out of bed, so 24 hour nurse. However she does not need one any more she is doing better calling and getting out of bed her self without too much risk.

Well that is all I have for now, sorry been so long I have been busy visiting her,will try to update more often. thank you all for caring.


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