Saturday, November 14, 2009

Light at the end of the Tunnel

So things are still looking good. She is doing better every day. Today (Saturday November 14th) she ate some chicken broth soup and kept it down. Also her and I went for a short walk around the nurse's station. The doctor came in late on Friday and we talked to him and her numbers are looking good. He said he was going to take her off the Morphine and that her numbers were looking very good. We asked about her blood type and he said it was not time yet to look for that, it was to early, and that the blood bank keeps him posted on all that daily.
All in all she is getting better everyday.
She asked about Thanksgiving. The doctor told her it was too soon to tell her for sure. That he does not release bone marrow until after 35 days and Thanksgiving is the 35th day. He said he would try but would not promise her anything. So we have a plan A and plan B, C, D ect. depending on what needs to be done. But it will all work out in the end.
One more important note is that she is now showing signs of host vs graft disease. This is not necessarily a bad thing. She has a small rash. If it stays this small then things are great. We want a small amount of host vs graft, because what is happening is: the new cells are killing off my mom's old cells including the cancer cells. Which means that it helps reduce the chance the cancer can come back. the other good news is that she has gone this long with out it happening. So the longer past transplant the better odds that it will be minor concern and not a major concern. So prayers and thoughts to keep it small and that it eats the cancer.
If you have question you can email me or visit any of the links on this blog. We are all doing well and getting ready for our real work to begin. When she is release from the hospital and we are in charge of her care. This is when we may need more help with food, visits, care, and general everyday stuff. She will be staying in the Hope Village until the RV site are back up running (they are currently under construction). Which is on the hospital grounds. They have lots of cool things there such as a comedian every Friday night (and we are talking big names). So there is lots to do there including a play ground for the children. Not sure how long she is there it depends on how she is doing. Most likely by Christmas she will have day pass home for a night or two. But since we do not even know about Thanksgiving I guess trying to figure out Christmas is just Crazy talk. Okay enough for tonight. Have a great evening and please count all the wonderful things in your life. I know that I am.
Well I guess that is all for now. Take care and thank you all.

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