Monday, November 23, 2009

Pat is Getting Out

Everyone it is finally happening, that is right she is getting out.
Pat will be going to the Hope Village on Wednesday in time for Thanksgiving. She is so excited and happy. She is doing great and all her numbers are where they are suppose to be. So the doctor is letting her get out of the hospital. However the doctor had told her he would let her know today and then was not able to come and see her until 6pm by which time she had worked her self into a big fury. When the doctor got there she did not give him a chance to even talk before she was asking when she can get out. He examed her and then finally told her she could get out on Wednesday. Which is good because I thought my mom was going to take him on and my money would have been on her to win.

Any way she is getting out and we are so excited.


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