Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Always something new

Just got back home from City of Hope all my numbers are good my only problem is I have a rash that is now all over my body. At first the nurse practitioner thought it was due to the antibiotic I was taking so Monday she changed the medicine. But today she had the Dr. look at it and it is Donner vs Host a form of rejection. The Dr gave me two oppositions to be put in the hospital or the go home and try the medicine and come back tomorrow. I am home. I am also on 60 mg. of steroid today and tomorrow. He will check to make sure it is working at 11am tomorrow. I am praying that it works!!! Other than that I am doing well and enjoying the time before Christmas. Made cookies with the grand kids yesterday what fun. We are having dinner at James house tomorrow and at my house on Christmas ( Joel cooking under my direction).
I Wish All a every Blessed Christmas.

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