Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great News

I (Hope) Went with my mother and father to City of Hope today to see how she was doing and to hear any information about the possible Donor. We heard good news all around. First news is that her cancers cells are not detectable which means she back in remission!!!!!!!! The second good news is that her platelets went up from 57 to 61. Which is great. This means most likely she will be able to go on her trip. However, this all needs to maintain for over a period of time. So the next couple of weeks we need to keep her in remission and it would help if you Platelets would go up more with out the cancer going back up. So if you all could have thoughts and prayers of cancer still down and platelets going up.

For more good news, City of Hope and my mom's wonderful doctor found 14 possible match's which they contacted to more testing and out of the 14; 4 went in for testing and one looks really good. They have more test to do, but the test they have done so far have been with good results. So a very possible donor now. Still have to wait more, but we will take the good news for now and be happy.

Found out a little more about the donor process for my mom's end: it is 6 to 7 weeks in the hospital and 6 months at home with bi-weekly visits and then 9 months to a year to maybe go back to work.
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