Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Found a Donor

Pat, Joel and my self (Hope) all went to City of Hope today. Found out good news we have a Donor match. The donor is 33 years old, that is about all we know. They match my mom' s blood 11 points out of 12 which is great. So now begins the hard part for my mom to go through the transplant, so it looks like she will be admitted into the hospital right after labor day. Then it is 7 weeks in the hospital, then lots of different stages of recovery and time in recovery any where from 9 months to a year all in total. I will keep this blog updated as I get information. I will try to have my mom write something on it soon. I put a link of up for all those who want to found out more details about the transplant process. It is listed under Transplant process on the right hand side. Thank you all for your love and concern.

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