Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New time frame

Okay so there is more information from the doctor. My mother (Pat) and father (Joel) and brother (James) went to City of Hope to see the doctor about the time frame for the transplant. There was also concern about my mothers blood levels and palates. So on those two notes we have good news and bad news. The good news is that her blood levels were better not great but better. For the bad news the donor states that she can not give the cells until October so now the time frame for my mother has changed and she will not go in until mid October for the transplant, and the doctors are also going to contact the other possible donors to get more blood tests (just in case). We do not know why or what happened with the current donor, just that she can not do the transplant until October. So we wait. Other than that we do not know. The doctor did not seem happy but not much we can do, she will continue on the chemo for now.
In other news my mother and me went to a support group at City of Hope for blood cancers. It was nice, I believe that we will go again next month. It was nice to talk with people in the same boat. There was support people and patients in attendance.
Well I guess that is all the news for this week. Take care.

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