Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transplant Update

Today was another day at City of Hope. Today was the first day we had a bad day there as far as having things go smoothly. Today things did not go smooth. City of Hope put in a new computer system and everyone is still getting use to it, sooo things went wrong. The only major issue was a accidental cancelled appointment, but that was worked out in the end. So all well that ends well. One day in three years is still a great record.
Okay so on with the transplant information. So the original donor backed out. We now have a new donor. She too is in her thirties and in America. They match on 10 out of 12 markers which is good but not great. So the new time line is: my mom will check in on September 14th and then the count down begins for the transplant. Usually 9 days after she is admitted they do the transplant. It goes like a count down for blast of (T minus 9 days ect.. ) the day of the transplant is day zero and the they count up after that. I will most likely will be referencing these dates in the future, for example she is at -1 day to transplant or she is 3 days post. Just so you all know what I mean.
So for those who may not know the whole roll coaster story here is a brief outline: the original date was September 7th, but then we were told the Donor could not do it at that time, she could not do it until middle of October, so then it was a wait until October, then we got called that the old donor backed out and we have a new donor and the date is now the 14th of September. So it was hurry up, then a wait, and now hurry up. So mom went in today and start all her pre-admit stuff. The donor is schedule for the 4th for all her work up stuff, so we do have to wait for confirmation that she is healthy enough to donate before they go to much further. They may or may not have to do another biopsy on mom, though, which Sucks big time, the last one will not count because of the time frame, though we are holding out hope that we make it in the 30days from the last one. (So she does not have to have it done). She will be seeing the doctor weekly from now on. Next appointment will be more prep work and brief meeting with the doctor and then on the 10th of September will be a big meeting about how things will move from there. I guess that is all for now. It has been a very long day. We were at City of Hope all day, and walked back and forth across most of it today.

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