Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GVH vs Cancer

Saw the doctor today with Mom (Pat) and from what I understand she is where he (the doctor) wants her to be for the most part. The reason that they have not done a great deal to fight the graft vs host (GVH) disease or the cancer is because he is letting them fight each other. The cancer coming back activated the GVH, which is attacking the cancer, and he is balancing letting the GVH destroy the cancer, and not letting the GVH destroy her. At this point the doctor is starting her on the medication to treat the GVH and will start her on the anti-cancer medications if/when necessary. Her arm is healing well and the arm surgeon stated tonight that if her arm was the only issue, her could release her today. However she has more going on and needs more time. She has a least a couple of more weeks in the hospital and we are hoping that she will be home for Thanksgiving. That is the update for now thank you.

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