Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well no news is good news. I have not had to write anything for about 11 months because we had smooth waters for a while. Mom (pat) was doing well and even went back to school for 3 days.
Well now things went side ways on us. She is not doing well at the moment. We are not sure what is wrong at this time. She is sick with vomiting and ect.., so she is dehydrated and malnourished (this is not a comment on dad's cooking however he is believe it or not a really good cook).
Right now she is at City of Hope on the fifth floor and we are waiting to hear what the doctor says about her. She has had some more test and then some more test and we are waiting to find out what they all say and mean.
She does have her broken arm which needs surgery in order to be fixed but can not do the surgery until we get all this under control. Her cancer is back but at the last talk with the doctor he believes he can get it under control again. She does have graft vs host disease where the donor cells say hey this is not by body and starts attacking. Then to add insult to injury she now has pneumonia. Soooo, sorry for the bad news but I know lots have been asking about her so that is what I know as of 8pm Sunday night. When I learn more I will try to write more. Thank you all for your love and support.

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