Saturday, September 19, 2009

The emotional Roller Coaster ride continues

Okay, I just wanted to add to want my mother wrote. So she will not be admitted into the hospital now until the Doctor and the new chemo can work it's magic. They doctor called the Donor center and asked to push the schedule back three weeks.

Her cancer numbers (the bad protein numbers) are up and her M spike which also is related to the cancer proteins are up. So the bad protein and the M spike can not be going up when she receives the transplant. It is hard to understand so I will let those of you who are interested google it. Other wise trust me in that her numbers need to be going down when she has the transplant.

So my mother got an infusion yesterday after meeting with the doctor and she will be going twice a week for three weeks for infusions. The doctor will re-evaluate her numbers to see where she is at every week. A side note, my mother fell a couple of weeks ago and re-injured her back. She informed the doctor that she is still hurting. The doctor is concerned because this is happening the same time her number are going up, so she needs to take steroids everyday until Monday. She will then go in for an MRI on her back to find out what is wrong with her back, the doctor is concerned that it may be a tumor on her spine. Which is why he put her on the steroids they will help slow or reduce the tumor if there is one.

We all believe that she hurt her self being oh so graceful, but the doctor wants to be careful at this point. Which we are all grateful for, though being on that much steroid for that long will be a challenge. But the doctor did give her strong sleeping pills which my father is thankful for.

At this point it seems it is a wait and see. So to sum up, my mother is on stronger chemo twice a week, more steroids, we need to wait for the transplant until her numbers go back down. The transplant will happen it is just a matter of when.

thank you all.

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