Saturday, September 5, 2009

Third time is the charm. I hope so, if you have been counting doners we are now up to three . Number two couldn't be a doner until Nov. 2010. So the new doner is a male , 20 years old with -B blood type. He matches all but one Major marker and is only a minor mismatch on that marker. He also doesn't match on one minor marker. What does that mean to me? It changes my percents. I now have a 40% chance that this will all work and I will be cancer free before it was 50%. I have a 35% chance that there will be a life threatening host vs doner reaction and or death before it was 25% . I have a 25% chance of going through all of this and being right were I am with the cancer after, that percent is the same as before. Dr. Parker said it just means he will have to adjust the rejection meds, that with the new meds that are out now we should be fine.
Why not wait and see if I can find a better match? My cancer is being very uncooperative. Even on the chemo it keeps trying to take over. The Dr. is having a hard time keeping my numbers down. We can wait but there will be significant damage to my health. So we go with the new doner. I am very lucky I have a third doner to go with there are lots of people that would jump at a chance to have any kind of a match.
We will know for sure if this doner is a go next Friday. I will update all of you than. Have an awesome week and please enjoy each day.
Look for the miracles.

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